About us

Cinemascoop Productions was founded in Athens, Greece in October 2019. It is an independent film production company of short and feature films and documentaries, as well as other cultural products. It consists of film professionals with an active presence in the greek film production but also artists with professional involvement in other fields of art, such as music and theater.
It started as a collective of filmmakers and artists, and since June 2020, Cinemascoop acquired legal status as a Social Cooperative Enterprise. Cinemascoop aims in the production of cultural goods of high artistic value at low cost, making film and cultural production in our country more accessible to young creators.
Among the goals of Cinemascoop is the development of collaboration with other artistic collectives, institutions and professionals of cinema and other arts with the aim of highlighting and promoting social, environmental, cultural and multicultural activities.
Both the creative part of the film development and the organization of production, as well as the decisions concerning the development of the company are products of collective work and are taken on the basis of the equal participation of its members.

Our company's constitution



Who We Are

Vasilis Ntanis

Director / Screenwriter

Born in Larissa in 1988 and lives in Athens. He is involved with filmmaking since 2012. He has written and directed two short films, "Where?" (2014) and "Entering Light" (2019). He studied cinema with Vassilis Mazomenos and collaborated with production company "Horme Pictures". He has also worked as an assistant director in seven short films and a feature film.


Stemina Sapouna


Born in 1988 in Larissa and lives in Athens. She studied acting at drama school "Arhi". She is involved in an amateur as well as a professional level with performing arts and has worked as a theatre teacher with various social groups. In the recent years, she is interested in the development and strengthening of communities through art and creativity.

Yorgos Sintosis

Gaffer / Editor / Videographer

Born in Athens in 1994. Graduated from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of NTUA. Works as a gaffer and technician in the field of cinema, theater and contemporary dance. He is also an active editor and videographer.


Kostis Leventis

Director / Screenwriter

Born in 1987 in Athens. He studied Economic Sciences at Athens University of Economics and Business and film in production company Horme Pictures. He has written and  directed three short films "A Breath" (2015), "Rebirthday" (2017) and "A Walk" (2019) and he has participated as an assistant director in several other short films.


Kostas Lenis

Director / Screenwriter

Born in Athens, he was involved with films from his early years. In the recent years, he has become more active with filmmaking professionally. He has directed the short fiction "Bee my Eyes" (2018) and two short documentaries, "Growing Relationships" (2019) and "We Welcome You" (2020). He has also worked as a line producer.


Nikos Mathios

Director / Screenwriter

Born in 1986 in Athens. Since 2015 he has participated as an assistant director in short films at production company "Horme Pictures". He has written and directed the short films "Holy Meal" (2016), "Cry" (2017), "Crossing" (2018) and "Smile" (2019).



Nikos Vittis

Composer / Director / Screenwriter

Born in Athens and grew up in Thessaloniki. He studied engineering in Thessaloniki and Film Scoring in Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has written the score for many theatrical plays and short and feature films and docs. He also writes screenplays and he is about to direct a short film. He directs and edits the music videos of his band Mato Grosso.


John Dimakos


Born in 1984 in Athens. He studied classical and electric guitar, jazz and classical harmony and composition. He teaches guitar and music theory at the ’’Musical Praxis Conservatory’’. Has participated in various rock and jazz groups over the years.

Konstantinos Katsiampoulas

Director / Screenwriter / Cinematographer

Born and studied film in Athens. Since 2014, he is working in film production as a camera operator and cinematographer. In 2018, he directed and written his first short film, "Room" (2018).


Dimitar Skobelev


Born in Sofia in 1986 and since 2017 he resides in Athens. In 2009 he has graduated as Bachelor of Arts – Film and TV cinematography from the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia. As a cinematographer he shot many TV series and shows, documentaries, music videos, spots, promos, and short films and he recieved a number of awards including "Best cinematography in feature film" from Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition 2011, special prize of the 6th National Festival "The Golden Eye", Popovo, Bulgaria, "Best cinematography for short at Studio City Film Festival, Los Angeles 2019" and "Best cinematography at Independent Short Awards, Los Angeles 2019".


Kostas Tataroglou

Director / Editor / Colorist / Screenwriter

Βorn in 1988 and grew up in Thessaloniki. He studied Audio-Visual Arts in Ionian University of Corfu. He is interested, among others, in visually reconstructing the world around him and experimenting with light, time and shape. Since 2017, he has been involved with filmmaking as an editor and colorist and he has written and directed three short films, "Giota Delta and Dian" (2015), "Versus" (2018) and "Son" (2019).