a short film by Nikos Vittis

In Athens, during the crisis, on the eve of the holiday of August 15, two young people unknown to each other are forced to live together for a few days. The initial reservation turns into sympathy and then into romantic attraction. But life has other plans and all that's left is to express their desire.


a research process about physical cinema itself.

This workshop aims to deal with and research the cinema as a script of the motion. In this context, camera works as a key narrator, a present existence of the action, and gets embodied in order to reveal the subjective truth each time.


a short film by Dimitar Skobelev

A sunny autumn day. Falling leaves. Two gardeners are facing each other in a war over territory. They did not expect what followed.


an experimental short film by Kostas Tataroglou

The last attempt and the last prayer of a man at the last-ditch effort for life. Comments and stands over the eternal process of flight and immigration.


a short film by Nikos Vittis

In a super market, where the paths are predetermined with arrows, a young man, when he tries to reach a young woman to give her a button she missed, finds obstacles while following the directions of the arrows.


a short documentary by Kostas Lenis

A group of five cyclists travel across Malawi to donate school uniforms to the children.


a short film by Kostis Leventis

A father is going for a walk with his son to the mountain, to say goodbye to their dog.


a short documentary by Kostas Lenis

Through a series of wanderings in eco-communities across Greece, we see the dynamic of the relationships that are developed.